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What do I need to know before renting?

In addition to giving you all the administrative and tax information you need to fulfil in order to proceed with your holiday rental, we will use our experience to make you aware of the general wishes of guests who have very specific expectations regarding equipment and ancillary services. We will give you the best advice to enable you to have more successful bookings and thus more revenue. In particular, we will make you a targeted proposal of the prices to be charged and the relevant tourist seasonality.

When do I receive payment for bookings?

Payments for bookings are usually made as soon as possible, namely 30 days after the customer's departure.

How to prepare a structure for rent?

Before renting your holiday home or villa, we will carry out an inspection to check the condition of the property. If this is the case, it will also be an opportunity to check the furnishings and to find the best solutions for welcoming guests in the best possible way. We will then carry out a professional photo shoot.

What are the publication costs?

There are no costs for publishing the facility not only on our website but also in the most important international portals. We will only be paid an amount calculated as a percentage of the revenue from stays made by guests. This amount is necessary to offer the best services, take care of bookings, follow arrivals and departures, including final cleaning, and provide the best assistance to tourists and owners. The percentage will be agreed upon during the contractual phase and will be deducted from the rental price.

What happens if a guest causes damage?

The safety and peace of mind of facility owners are paramount. That is why we help you take out an insurance policy to cover both liability towards guests and any damage caused by them. The insurance will reimburse the cost of replacing or repairing any property damaged by guests during their stay and will protect the owners from any accidents that may occur to guests.

How much can I earn?

The rental income of a property depends on various elements, starting with the location, surface area, outdoor space, number of rooms and bathrooms, and the presence of air conditioning. For example, direct access to the sea will make it more attractive and a higher rental price can be demanded. These and other elements must be carefully evaluated to establish the fairest possible rental price in line with the market in the area to enable the owner to earn the maximum possible profit. And our task is also to offer you a targeted proposal of the prices to be charged and the relevant tourist seasonality.

What happens if the guest cancels the reservation?

In order to encourage bookings, our policy, in the event of cancellation of the contract, provides that up to 60 days before the start of the stay, the guest may cancel the booking without penalty, with the exclusion only of a sum equal to 10% of the total amount of the stay, which is retained by us as reimbursement of the costs incurred in processing the file. The sum becomes 30% from 59 to 31 days before the start of the stay, 75% from 30 to 14 days and 100% from 14 days before the start of the stay and in the event that the stay already started is interrupted. The amounts as stated above, less the percentage due to us, are paid to the owner.

What advantages do I have by choosing to rent through you?

Renting a holiday house or a villa requires a lot of tasks that need time and technical and linguistic knowledge, starting with many administrative, bureaucratic and fiscal aspects, as well as promoting tourism, maintaining a website, publishing the property on portals, searching for guests, managing bookings, registering payments and paying the flat rate for each booking. Instead, through us you can have a professional management of your facility that will allow you to have more free time but also to obtain more bookings and thus earn more money.

How long does the agreement last?

Agreements between us and owners usually last for many years due to the continuous and mutual satisfaction, and this gives us a useful time frame to maximise the promotion of the facilities and increase bookings from year to year: the more the owner earns, the more we earn. Agreements with owners take effect on 1 April and end on 31 October. The contract shall be renewed from 1 April to 31 October each year, and in any case both parties reserve the right to withdraw from the contract for the following year, with notice to the other party by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or by PEC which, for our organisational reasons, must be sent at least 90 days before the expiry date of 31 October each year. Otherwise, the contract will be automatically renewed for the following year.

How do I prepare my facility for guests?

Before you welcome guests, your facility must be well prepared. Guests want to find a clean, tidy facility with all the comforts they need for a peaceful holiday. Providing a Wi-Fi connection and a kitchen equipped with all the necessary utensils for preparing and eating meals is essential. The electric coffee machine compatible with Nespresso capsules and the presence of air conditioning are also highly appreciated.

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