The Pearls of Elba Island

Natural beauty, enchanting villages and unique atmospheres

Campo nell'Elba

The municipality of Campo nell'Elba extends from Fonza to Pomonte. Marina di Campo, the main town, was once a fishing village stretching along the wide sandy bay. Today it is the main centre of the municipality of Campo nell'Elba and its beach, the longest on the island, is one of the busiest in the summer season.

Today, the entire territory of the municipality has excellent hotel facilities and offers tourists the possibility of choosing between a mundane and lively holiday on the coast, or a quiet and secluded stay in the picturesque inland villages of San Piero or Sant'Ilario.

The seaside hamlets of Cavoli, Seccheto, Fetovaia and the island of Pianosa are also part of the municipality. In the municipality of Campo is the airport of La Pila, which efficiently connects Elba with various Italian and European cities, even during the winter months.


The municipal territory of Marciana stretches along the slopes of Monte Capanne and occupies the north-western part of the Island of Elba. It is a mountainous and impassable territory, characterised by lush and unspoilt nature that tends to soften as it reaches the sea, where there are spectacular beaches such as Sant'Andrea and Procchio.

It is precisely the presence of the reliefs, however, that guarantees shelter from the summer heat, which, especially near the rocky coast, dotted with inlets, is mitigated instead by the sea breeze.Visiting Marciana you can breathe in - and make your own - an 'old-fashioned' lifestyle: the slow and relaxed rhythms, devoid of any stress, are totally in tune with nature.

The days are transformed with the arrival of the large influx of tourists in the summer season, especially due to the incredible variety of beaches: from those with unspoilt and wild charm, located in the western part of the municipality, facing Corsica, such as Chiessi, Patresi, Zanca and Sant'Andrea, to the more equipped and accessible beaches such as Spartaia and Procchio.

Marciana Marina

Marciana Marina, in terms of size, is the smallest municipality on the entire island. Just five square kilometres of luxuriant nature spread out around the beautiful seafront promenade and its squares, rightly considered real living rooms overlooked by the elegant and well-kept homes of illustrious guests, who spend moments of well-deserved tranquillity there.

In the 1970s, it found its rightful place among the most renowned and sought-after tourist resorts by the international jet-set, so much so that it became their home not only during the summer months. Today, enchanting villas, practically invisible to prying eyes, stand in its territory, immersed in the green of the gentle hills or sheer along the coast.

Marciana Marina is sought after above all for its tranquillity, for its calm and peaceful lifestyle, appreciated by the most illustrious guests who like to mingle among the people without worrying about being disturbed or annoyed as they stroll along the streets of the town centre.

Famous is the quality of the shops and restaurants scattered throughout the town centre, from those that line the seafront to those that characterise the old inner streets and give the holiday the good taste of the sea in summer and spring, and of the fruits of the earth and the forest in autumn and winter.

Porto Azzurro

The town has ancient origins: a fishing and farming village whose history is inextricably linked to Spanish domination. Arriving in this pretty village you will be struck by the alternation of colours, the blue of the sea contrasting with the white of the dozens of boats moored in the harbour.

The large central square and the Lungomare (waterfront promenade) are the main meeting point for strolling, chatting, shopping and eating, entertained by the numerous shows of all kinds that enrich the summer season.

The most convenient beach close to the centre is the Pianotta beach, characterised by a crystal-clear sea, fine gravel and large rocks. Other beaches include the sandy beaches of Barbarossa, Reale, Rossa and the pebbly Terranera with its artificial lake. From the harbour, it is also possible to go on a boat trip around the island, visiting hidden coves and snorkelling and diving in magnificent seabeds.


With more than twelve thousand inhabitants, Portoferraio can be considered the commercial capital of the island. The centre of the town is characterised by the Darsena Medicea, a wide horseshoe-shaped inlet and a fascinating high-security harbour. Not only history and culture, but an exceptional natural heritage can be found along the coast: the San Giovanni thermal park and heavenly beaches are waiting to make your holiday unique and unforgettable.

Along the coast, starting from the west, there are three beautiful sandy beaches overlooking a single gulf: Biodola, Scaglieri and the delightful Forno beach. Continuing on, one encounters the Viticcio and Enfola beaches composed of sand and small gravel.

Immediately afterwards begins one of the most beautiful stretches of sea, characterised by high white pebble beaches that bring out the shades of the sea bed ranging from turquoise to deep blue. It begins with the beach of Sansone with the small cove of the Sorgente next to it, followed by the beaches of Prunini, Sottobomba and the splendid beach of Capo Bianco, then continuing with the beach of Padulella and the beach of Ghiaie, much loved and frequented by the people of Portoferraio because it is easily reached from the centre of the town.

As the last beach before the port area, we find the Spiaggia delle Viste, composed of gravel and coarse sand, once the beach of Emperor Napoleon during his exile on the Island of Elba and located just below the Villa dei Mulini, his historic residence now a museum. Past the port and craft area, there are still other beaches that are a little wilder and characterised by sand and small pebbles: Schiopparello beach and Bagnaia beach.


The municipality of Rio was created on 1 January 2018 through the merger of two municipalities belonging to the communities of Rio Marina and Rio nell'Elba. Today, it also includes the hamlets of Cavo and Bagnaia, as well as the localities of Capo d'Arco, Nisporto and Nisportino.

The municipality of Rio lies on the eastern side and is gently nestled between many small sea inlets surrounded by hills whose soil, red from iron oxide, bears witness to its rich mining past. Nowadays, Rio's mining past has once again become an important attraction for tourism, so much so that the stretch of coastline from Rio Marina to Cavo has been called the 'Shining Coast', in honour of the almost dreamlike glitter of black mining dust that is present on some of the beaches and that distinguishes its appearance.

To discover the more seaside version of the Rijeka area, in the western area, one of the wildest stretches of coastline on the island, we find Bagnaia, Nisporto and Nisportino, resorts that have fully entered the tourist circuit, especially the all-relaxing one, since they are outside the chaotic traffic typical of other sides. On the eastern side, due to the unique composition of the soil and rocks, the sand on the beaches is fine and shiny.

Ortano, Porticciolo, Cavo, Capo Castello, and then Fornacelle and Topinetti are the beaches that characterise the coastline. Some of them are soft and wide, while others set in the warm, hard rock are scattered with pebbles left by the sea.

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