Holidays on the Island of Elba

10 good reasons to spend your holiday on the Island of Elba

Elba Lifestyle

One of the main reasons for choosing to spend a holiday on our island is undoubtedly the exceptional quality of life that can be enjoyed in a unique cultural and natural environment, tailored to attract and retain those who love the Elba Lifestyle: a relaxed and welcoming lifestyle.

The context in which the Elban community lives is a microcosm with a reality of genuineness and familiarity, where spaces and distances are large enough to feel "isolated" but also small enough to make travelling easy and offer an "easy" life.

The Territory

With an area of 224 square kilometres, Elba is the largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago and the third largest of the Italian islands. Its coastline of no less than 147 km is varied with a succession of small beaches and reddish rocks in the northern and western parts, while in the southern part there are large expanses of fine sand or small gravel.

Despite its relatively small size, it has some notable inland relief (Monte Perone mt. 630 - Monte Capanne mt. 1,019) and the 145 km of excellent asphalted roads make it possible to go from the sea to a perfectly mountainous atmosphere in no time at all. The result is an ideal climate, mitigated both in the rigours of winter and in the heat of summer. The island is rich in water springs, not of great capacity, but very frequent; the most famous is the 'Fonte di Napoleone' (Napoleon's Spring), so called because the great Emperor, during his stay on Elba, used to stop there on his horseback rides.

The elevation of the inland reliefs, the abundance of water and the mildness of the climate contribute to giving Elba that wonderful green mantle of vegetation for which it is justly famous. The forest surface area is about 140 square kilometres and consists of woodland with large areas of pine forest in the inland areas, while along the coast the Mediterranean scrub prevails with myrtle, rosemary, heather, juniper and broom, which lights up in a thousand shades of colour, contrasting with the green of the conifers: from ochres to reds in autumn, to the bright yellow of the flowering broom in spring.

Food and wine

Elba is also worth discovering in terms of taste. The typical recipes are not particularly elaborate. They are simple, ancient recipes, reworked on the basis of the products that the territory could offer. As an island, much of its culinary culture is linked to the products of the sea and to typical recipes such as fish soup (cacciucco) made with octopus, cuttlefish, scorpion fish, dogfish, cicadas and slices of toasted bread.

But don't forget the penne in barca, black rice with squid, spaghetti alla margherita or with lobster, stockfish, cod sburrita, boiled octopus and other specialities. But the 'mountain' side of Elba also offers wonderful surprises for the palate, and during the autumn period it is possible to enjoy dishes based on game and flavours of the forest such as chestnuts and mushrooms that grow abundantly here thanks to the favourable climate. Desserts include 'schiaccia briaca', 'corollo', 'schiacciunta' and 'schiaccia pasquale'.

Elba is also remembered for the goodness of its DOC wines: let us recall Elba Bianco, Ansonica and Vermentino, particularly suitable for fish dishes, and Elba Rosso, suitable for first courses with red sauces, fish soups and meat main courses. The dessert wines such as Aleatico DOCG and Moscato are also excellent.

Climate, Nature and Environment

Elba lies in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, protected to the east by the Tyrrhenian Coast and to the west by Corsica, and enjoys a mild climate all year round. The sun dominates on the island of Elba in both summer and winter. The average temperature during the coldest time of the year is around 17°C maximum and 8°C minimum. The average annual temperature is 18.4°C.

This allows people of all ages to spend a lot of time outdoors and to enjoy a variety of sports activities in contact with nature. The island, half of whose territory is National Park, owes its beauty above all to the variety of landscapes and environmental settings it has to offer.

The green of the Mediterranean maquis and the blue of the sea are its dominant colours. Elba has a jagged and multicoloured coastline with white sandy beaches flanked by sandy shores with more intense colours of red and black iron-derived sands and gravels.

Cliffs sheer above the sea originating from granite and iron are another beautiful alternative to experience the Elban coast, never the same. Inland, evergreen hills and mountains dominate the landscape with nature to be experienced at 360°.


A not insignificant factor in choosing to spend a holiday in Elba is security: the island is one of the safest areas in Italy.

It used to happen and still happens today that, for this reason, many people still leave the lock on their house door open, just as their parents did, and their grandparents before them: there is trust in others because there is knowledge and familiarity between people.

The island therefore offers a safe environment for holidays and is an ideal place for children and for spending everyday life in relaxation.

Tourism, Culture, Internationality

For over fifty years, the island has been an international tourist destination. In addition to Italians, Elba is mainly chosen by German, Swiss and Austrian customers. But great attention is also paid by French and European tourism in general.

The island is also the venue for many cultural and sporting events of international scope, and this has led to its popularity growing in all parts of the world. This is also the reason why Elba is a land where many European ethnic groups have coexisted for decades, together with the prevailing indigenous population.



Occasions for fun and entertainment are never lacking. From spring to autumn, squares and amphitheatres all over the island attract artists from all over the world, while in winter the towns compete in organising fairs and festivals dedicated mainly to the rediscovery of taste and traditions.

In addition to cinemas, throughout the year, Elba's theatres offer high-level, national and international performances, staging concerts and shows for everyone, even the very young.

Sport and Leisure

The area offers many possibilities for recreation: golf, biking on roads and dirt tracks, trekking, jogging and horse riding are just some of the most popular activities. The sea remains among the most popular attractions, even in winter: for those who love sailing, swimming, surfing and diving, our sea offers many possibilities.

There is also an expanded offer of courses and specific sporting activities, there is something for everyone.

Year-round sea and air connections

Elba, the main island of Tuscany, is connected to the mainland every day of the year. It is easy to reach thanks to its proximity to the coast and is barycentric with respect to Florence, Milan and Rome. It is joined to the mainland by an imaginary bridge made by the many ferries that connect it with Piombino in an hour. During the tourist season, more than 100 ferry trips are made.

A regular service connects the island all year round with the airports of Pisa and Florence. From spring to autumn, there is a connection to Milan Linate and international flights are also operated.


With its 30,000 inhabitants and 7 municipalities, Elba is, in general, equipped with efficient services. As far as health care is concerned, Elba has a hospital that meets the health needs of the resident population and guests.

In the event of an emergency, medical assistance is also guaranteed 24 hours a day by a helicopter rescue service. The most serious patients are stabilised on the island and within 20 minutes are transported to the major Tuscan treatment centres.

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